Thursday, 1 January 2015

Getting Fit

Hey Guys!!

So, just to put it out there, I split up with my boyfriend, my bestfriend, two days ago. So I'm now thinking of ways to make myself happy and feel better about myself for 2015.

One of these would be to get fit, I used to walk around 4 miles a day at school and college as I had to walk from one side of the city to another. However I now work 9-5:30 at a desk job, and drive 40 minutes each way when going to and from work/home. So as you can tell.. my exercise has dropped dramatically! Meaning that in the last year I have gained 1 stone.

I know that is not a massive amount, I also know I haven't got a lot of fat to lose, but once I have lost what I need I plan to tone up.

In order to do this I'm going to be following the Blogilates work out plans, 30 Day Flat Ab Challenge & Beginners 2.0   4 week plan.

30 Day Flat Ab Challenge
For this it is basically what it says on the tin, 30 days of building up your abs. It starts of with a simple set of 5 reps of 3 different exercises, then each day the sets/reps increase, until the end where you are able to do 5 different sets of 22 reps.

It also has on it the amount of extra cups of water you should aim to drink each day as this decreases bloating.

Beginner's 2.0
I have a feeling this is going to be a fair bit more intense than the ab challenge. This workout plan contains video names for Blogilates, where you can then go onto youtube and follow her work out video. I think this is going to be quite a bit more intense than the ab challenge as some of these videos are 30 minutes long. But I am determined to stick with it!

So, without further a-due, here is my BEFORE picture - weighing in at 10 stone. I would like to be 9 stone 9lbs by 31st January, I think that should be pretty do-able!

If anyone else would like to join in with me, please tweet me or tag me on your instagram pics!

Blogilates also has some healthy food recipes on her app, which I shall be trying out too! Let me know if you have tried any in the comments below!! 

Thank you for reading, I will be keeping you updated on my progress!

Much love xoxo