Monday, 27 May 2013

Hi Hi!

Hey! Not really sure where to start with this whole blogging dealio or what I should even say really... but here goes!!

First off, my name isn't actually Ell unfortunately *sad face* - but basically people call me LJ so that's how I got the name EllJaye :) I am 18 years old & I'm a music student in Norfolk, UK. Some of my hobbies are, singing, photography, gaming and I quite like experimenting with makeup too - so I might even put a bit of that up on here if I'm ever feeling 'wild'!

The reason for why I'm starting this blog is because I was initially going to try vlogging on youtube, however I haven't got the guts to do that just yet, so I thought blogging would be the best place to start! I've not got a specific topic that this blog is based around, I'm just going to talk about pretty much whatever is in my head at the time the keyboard is under my fingers! Whether it be about life, love, makeup, music - whatever chatter is needed! One thing I am hoping to get out of this blog is that I am the type of person that always gives advice to my friends, so I hope that if people ever actually end up reading this, I'll be able to help them out too!!

Anyways! I know this wasn't a very long post but it is ... 2am now (wasn't expecting that time to pop up when I looked at the clock!). So I think sleep is probably needed :)

Shall write again soon :)

Toodles!:) ♥

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