Monday, 27 May 2013

Live Life For You!

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So after recent events over the past couple of weeks and I've actually thought about this over the past years too but I never actually stick to my word. I've come to the decision that it's best to just
  live life for you!

I am the type of girl that does whatever to make someone else happy, even if I end up being unhappy in doing that... and that is not the way to be! It is important to not be completely selfish and expect everyone to work around you but sometimes you have to think about whats best for you, will doing this thing for someone, postpone something that you need to do for yourself? If so... maybe everynow and then, put you and your own life first.

I seem to have a habit of that when I have a boyfriend, I put everything into them. What career I plan on doing - I base that around what days they work so that I can have the same day off as them so we get to spend time together. I won't see my friends on a weekend because I like to see my boyfriend then. I don't go out and do things just incase I get the chance to see him on an evening & it gets to the point where I realise.. I am giving up or sacrificing pretty much everything, and there is no compromise.. I am literally doing anything for them, and as much as that is nice for someone to do every now and then.. when you don't exactly get it in return you end up feeling like you're the lesser one in the relationship, or the one that loves the most out of the 2 of you. & If I'm honest.. that isn't a great feeling. So my lesson there is -
Don't put your life on hold for anyone, unless they're willing to do the same for you.

Do what makes YOU happy, you only get this life once, don't waste it being miserable whilst making everyone else happy. Sometimes you just have to say no to them, and help yourself :)

Write soon :)

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