Sunday, 29 September 2013

Barry M .... Again!!

Hey guys!!

Apologies again for the lack of posting!:( I really am rubbish - most evenings after work I've been with my mr as he's now gone away for the next month. Also I'm not really too sure what type of things you would like to read? any requests/suggestions just tweet or post a comment below!!:)

So... those of you that have read my blog before know that I'm kindaaaa obsessed with nail varnish - especially Barry M. I purchased my first magnetic nail varnish from Barry M a fair while ago after seeing it was a lot cheaper than the other magnetic varnishes and I knew Barry M was good so thought i'd give it a shot!!

I had actually forgotten how much I loved this product until a couple of weeks ago when I used it again - which then lead to me buying a new one... and then yesterday another one.. woopsie! lol :) here are some pictures of the outcomes....

These are all £4.99 each. - I love how they come out, I feel that because of the pattern/2nd colour drawn out by the magnet it gives your nails a more manicured look - but obviously is a lot cheaper than going to get them done professionally, they also end with quite a glossy finish too which adds to manicured look. I will admit I was a LITTLE bit disappointed with the black one - which is my newest one - because the pattern that was drawn out did not stand out as much as it did in the other colours - but I do still like it :)

Hope you liked the post guys - remember if you have any suggestions for things you'd like me to post about just post below or drop me a tweet!:) Thanks for reading

Toodles ♥


  1. Do these only come in dark colours? :-) only, i'm a pastel kinda girl and they look so so so pretty but I don't tend to wear dark colours :-( x

    1. There are a couple of lighter colours but I think they're a more silveryblue type colour rather than pastels. I do keep looking for lighter colours as I prefer them but no real luck so far i'm afraid hun :( xxxx

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