Thursday, 5 September 2013

What's in my makeup bag?

Hey hey :) I'm sorry I've been pretty absent:( I had some relationship issues and have started a new job so I dont get home until about 6:30 each evening and then i tend to go see the mr. This is a post I wrote a month ago for a guest post on Scottish Lass' blog :) Before we continue, I don't actually own any high-end products as I'm more of a budget beauty kind of girl :P 
Makeup Brushes

From the gold brush to the front we have:
Real Techniques - Buffing Brush - Which I use for my pressed powder
Blusher Brush (not sure what make as it was a gift)
Real Techniques - Deluxe Crease Brush - perfect for creating a smokey eye!
Real Techniques - Base Shadow Brush
Real Techniques - Brow Brush
Jenna Kidd - I- Glamour Define Eyeliner - however the eyeliner broke off, but the other end is perfect for correcting mistakes with liquid eye liner!!

The Face!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - in the colour 100 (Ivory) - I love this foundation as it has very good coverage but doesn't feel heavy on your skin! 
MUA - Cover & Conceal - I recommend going one tone lighter than your skin tone if you're wanting to cover up under eye darkness!:) 
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Transparent - I use this to get rid of any shine as I have quite oily skin.

ELF - Eyeshadow Duo - in the shade Butter Pecan

Collection 2000 - Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner - Black

Avon - little red dress - perfect for the base coat on your lashes!
MUA - Every Lash
Maybelline - Great Lash
Rimmel - Scandaleyes - Perfect for the final coat to give extra volume! 

Bourjois Paris Bronzing powder- smells DELICIOUS! 
MUA Blusher - Cupcake


I never used to fill in my brows until very recently, when I had it done once for a photoshoot and I realised how much better it actually made my makeup look as it balances the face out a bit. Also when I went out before it sometimes looked like I wasn't really wearing makeup, but with the Brows darkened a bit it finished off the look and enhanced everything. 

The brow colour (top right) was coming out not quite dark enough, so I've been mixing it with that and the 3rd colour down :)


My Latest Lipstick purchases were Nostalgic by E.L.F (in the silver casing)
& the Lasting Colour Sweet Tart (the middle one) the colour of this one is very pigmented so it comes out really well, however it was a little bit too shocking pink for my liking, so I put foundation or the Nostalgic lipstick underneath and it makes it a lighter colour :) 

Miss Sporty - Hollywood in 140 Pasadena
Avon Moisture Seduction - (VERY bright pink!) 

Final Addition

The last thing in my makeup bag which is also my latest purchase is the MUA Pro-base fixing mist! You apply this after you have applied your makeup and it is supposed to help keep your makeup in place. I was initially going to get the ELF one after asking my friend how her makeup stays on all day, but it was out of stock so I thought I'd experiment with this for the time being!!! So far, it's not too bad I think it did keep my makeup on a little bit better than usual but will have to see how I get on with it :)

Thanks for reading!:)

Toodles ♥

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  1. Love seeing what makeup other people use!
    (new follower)

  2. I love the Real Technique brushes and the MUA Pro-base is pretty comparable to the ELF one. I was pleasantly surprised by the ELF cream shadows too, quite nice for something so cheap!

    1. Ooooh thank you I will have to try it out!! I've become more impressed by the ELF lipstick in this post - I didn't really like it initially but I've grown to it!! xxxx

  3. Does the fixing mist smell at all!? i've heard it smells a little and don't want to spray smelly stuff on my face :( xx

    1. I don't remember it smelling but I will now go check for you ;) haha

      there is hardly any smell to it whatsoever and I wouldn't say its unpleasant either :) hope that helps ! xxx

  4. It is always interesting to see what other bloggers have in their makeup bags. Your makeup bag is so pretty also.

    1. Thanks lovely! I quite liked doing this post as all my makeup is budget stuff so I think it's good for other people my age to see what they can get for limited money! xxx

  5. I really liked this post! I always love looking at products other people use because i feel its more believable that the product is actually good.
    It would be super cool if you could check out my blog :)

    1. Thanks hun! Yeah I know what you mean - i've always used the Stay Matte pressed powder but after seeing Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter and Tanya Burr use it its made me feel a lot better about sticking with it!:) I'll have a looksie for you hun:) xxx