Monday, 6 January 2014

My Youtube Channel and plans for 2014

Hey Guys

So as you can tell from the above title... I have a youtube channel ! yeeeyyy

I have already uploaded one video which was a Xmas Party/Going out hair and makeup tutorial! Below is the link. I was going to blog about it also however I have been away for the past 2 or so weeks at my boyfriends for christmas!

It was my first christmas away from home and it was very weird!! The reason we didn't spend it at both of our families is because he is from Newcastle, so his family lives around 5 hours away from mine :( Sad times!

My new years resolution is to blooming blog/vlog more!!! I love doing it but I feel like everything I write is just a bit pants so I get disheartened - if there's anything that you would like me to blog or vlog about PLEASE let me know :) It would be a massive help and mean a lot to know that someone reads this and I'm not a crazy person talking to myself :)

Anyways -  I will be able to blog more as my boyfriend is being posted away for 2 months in February and will also be being posted elsewhere in the world and on courses quite a lot this year (he's in the army) so it's going to be lonely times a little bit - so I shall be here more often yeyyy!!!

Another thing I plan on doing is cooking once a week from the student cook book i got from my parents - I love cooking but I am VERY bad at it (mainly the timings) If you'd like to see it I may even do a weekly blog of the meals I'm making - what do you think ??:)

I best be off!! Feel free to comment or tweet me - I will always reply!:)


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