Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tasty Tuesdays : Week Two

Hey guys!

Ok so this weeks tasty Tuesday was very almost not so tasty!!!

This week I cooked Chicken and Pasta Bake. However the receipe stated you basically cooked everything except for the chicken, put it all together then bake for 30 minutes - except 20 mins in the chicken was still raw... soo we had to microwave it. So it was ALMOST a fail  - but hey I'm still alive (woohoo!) so it was successful.. in a way >.<

Another odd thing about the recipe was that it suggested using Sultanas in it.... sultanas, chicken and pasta is not something I thought would ever be put together. At first it was ok - kind of different but after a while it just was a bit gross.. has anyone else tried chicken and sultanas/raisins? or is this cook book just a bit crazy! 

Due to the chicken disaster I forgot to take pictures... SORRY *Slaps wrist*

For this I used
- 1 Mug of pasta
- 1 onion (finely chopped)
- 250g Low Fat Cream Cheese with a crushed Garlic Clove 
- 4 Small mushrooms ( I don't like mushrooms but honestly could not even notice they were there so if you are wanting to eat them - this could be the recipe for you!!)
- 2 Chicken Breasts (cut into large slices)
- 1/4 mug of sultanas
- 1 tablespoon lemon juice
- 1/2 mug of grated mozarella or cheddar cheese
- Salt & Pepper

- Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C 
- Cook the pasta (Penne pasta takes 10-12 minutes), drain and return to the pan
- Fry onions, mushrooms and chicken (by frying the chicken at this point you will not have the raw chicken issue that I had!!!) 
- Add onions, mushrooms and chicken to the pasta then add the cream cheese - mix it around, the warmth will melt it slightly to make it more like a sauce
- Add the raisins & lemon juice - season with salt and pepper then add the mix to a casserole dish, cover the top with the grated mozzarella then bake until golden brown (around 15 minutes as the chicken has arleady been cooked)

anddd VOILA

I Give this recipe a 2.5/5 

This is becaauuuseee....
1) It is easy to make in stages so you are not rushed and under stress cooking everything at once
2) It tasted pretty darn good
3) However - the chicken thing was a major issue for me as I am very funny about food and it being cooked properly - so once I cook this the way I have written above I will probably feel like the recipe deserves a higher mark

That's it for this week ! Hope you liked it :) Please comment below any suggestions or if you've tried cooking any of the dishes I am making!

Toodles ♥

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