Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Long Distance / Military Relationships


So it has definitely been a while. This year has been a complete rollercoaster for me and if I'm honest there have been some very very dark points, but right now I am feeling pretty positive and wanted to give this another shot.

So... as its remembrance day, and as an army girlfriend, I thought I'd bring up military relationships.

The question I get asked most: How do you do it?!

Simple.. I would rather have one phonecall a week, seeing my other half for one week every 3 months, have letters and emails sent to me... than not being with him. That's how I do it. Because either you do it, or you do not have the person that you love in your life ever.  

I admit there have been times when I have struggled with it, but this is not my first relationship like this. I have been in several long distance relationships before so I am fairly used to it. Infact my boyfriend actually lives in my home town which is rare! however he isn't here very often due to training and other things. 

At the moment my boyfriend Josh is in Bosnia on tour. He left on 1st July and he comes back on 2nd December hopefully, 1 day after our 2 year anniversary. When he gets back he will have had another birthday not at home, it's my birthday in 2 weeks and this will be the 3rd birthday of mine that he has missed due to work. 

On the plus side, we have so many exciting things when he gets home! We have his first mess do where we get to dress up all fancy and it'll be the first time I see him in his posh uniform, then we are going to a hotel in York for our 2 year anniversary (two weeks late but hey ho ;) ) then we are going to London for Winter Wonderland, which I am SUPER excited about!

So there's another tip, when they are away make lots of exciting plans for when they get home! It keeps you busy and makes happy talking about it with them rather than feeling sad and continuously saying how much you miss eachother, which obviously we do say to eachother but it's best not to dwell on the fact its been 17 weeks since you've seen eachother, think about the good times for when they're home! :)

Anyway I think I have rambled enough.

Today think of all of the men and women that have fought for our countries and our freedom.. and think of the friends, families, wives, husbands, children that sit behind waiting for them and giving them a reason to fight.

Love to you all 


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