Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How Much Is My Face Worth?


I've seen a couple of beauty bloggers do this post and I am intrigued to see how much mine is worth as I have said in previous posts that I'm more like the 'budget beauty blogger' so lets see how this turns out...

p.s a few items of mine were gifts or from magazines and things like that so I'm not sure if they count or not so I will count it, but I'll put (Gift) next to it:)

My everyday makeup,
Starting off with just my face:

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - £6.99
MUA cover and conceal (concealer) - £1.50
Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder - £3.99
Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls - £1.99

So that's just a total of £14.47

I could not find any prices for the blusher I've been using so I've put the one that I used until it ran out and I thought I'd use this up to save money!

Lulla & Belle Cosmetics Smokey Eyes - (Gift) - £5.99 (according to someone on ebay as I can't find it anywhere else)
Avon Little Red Dress Mascara - £2.50 (Gift - considering it's an Avon product i'm shocked by this little bargain!)
MUA Every Lash Mascara - £4.99
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara (the one in orange packaging) - £6.99 - I got this either for free or cheaper on sale with some 3 for 2 deal or something!:)

Eyes adds up to £20.47 - 2 of these were gifts though and 1 on sale... so still not too shabby!

Lips (obviously I don't wear all 3 of these at once, but it depends on what I'm wearing with which one I choose)
Miss Sporty Hollywood Lipgloss £2.99
MUA Lipstick - £1
Avon Moisture Seduction Lipgloss - £3

anddddd the Lips section totals at £6.99

Right then.. In total, my Everyday Makeup adds up to £41.93
And that looks like (minus the lipgloss/lipstick)....

If I do my going out makeup I only add 2 extra things and they are:
Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner Collection 2000 - £2.50
the Pretty In Pink 81 Colour Eyeshadow palette that I mentioned in my everyday smokey eye post - £14.99

So adding that on it would make my total for my going out makeup £59.42

and my Going Out Look, looks like...

It's pretty much the same, just with smokey eye makeup too :)

So... I think that's not too bad actually! Yes I definitely would like to have MAC and Bobbi Brown makeup, and other expensive brands, but unfortunately I cannot afford that at the moment! So if you're wanting to keep your makeup on a budget, I'm your gal ;)

Thanks for reading! Any questions feel free to comment, I will always reply :)

Toodles ♥

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  1. This is such a good idea! Great post hunny.


  2. Thank you lovely! I saw it on a couple of other blogger's profiles and had to try it out!! :D xxx