Monday, 1 July 2013

Hair Dye

Hey Hey

So.. I mentioned in my previous post that I have never dyed my hair, its all natural and it tends to highlight itself so there's lots of different blonde tones in it, however as I've not exactly seen much sunlight over the past couple of years (YEY ENGLISH WEATHER) it's got a bit darker now, and I've been trying to lighten it with shampoos and conditioners and stuff. But today my sister brought some of her hair dye over...

Do you think I should leave it as it is, or lighten it a bit?
(you can see the colour in this pic:) )

Only thing putting me off is I like being able to say its natural and stuff like that, I don't know why but I do ^.^

Hmmmm what to do ??!

Toodles;) ♥ xxx

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