Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer Holiday - Mini Clothing Haul!

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Soooo, My dad has been pretty stressed out with work and there's this one place in Greece that we always go back to when we go away, and we've not been in 3 or 4 years, then the otherday he decided he wanted a break and there was one room left so we booked a last minute holiday. Which then came with the issue - what on earth do I have that I can take on holiday?

Luckily I had recently bought about 6 of the bargain strap tops that Newlook sell so that was my daytime wear pretty much sorted along with a pair of shorts! But I didn't really have anything for evenings so I still needed a few bits.


The skirt on the left is a very bright, fluorescent skirt that I picked up from Primark for a bargain £4
The skirt on the right is black, white and a coral/peachy colour, and I picked that up from Select for £6
The top I bought a while ago from asos - pretty sure that was £4 also, so with that top and one of these skirts, I've got an outfit there for under £10 - Wonderful!:)


I've never worn a dress like this before, but I really liked the way it fit top half, even if I'm still not quite used to the floatyness of it!:) I got this from the sale in Select for £10.60 I believe!:)

Okay, as you can tell I've decided to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and go for a bit more bright and patterned style clothing to what I'm used to, it seems to be in at the minute so I thought I'd try it out! and I surprisingly liked this dress! The pattern on the front is slightly different to the one on the back which is why I took a picture from behind too :) This was £18 from Jane Norman


Well for a lovely summer holiday to Greece - of course a bikini is an essential!;) 

This is a beautiful almost mint green bikini - I got this from Tescos - the bottoms were £5 and the top was £9

This aztec bikini is white, black and neon pink. I purchased the skirts above the next day, and when I brought them home I discovered this bikini top actually is quite similar to the 2nd skirt apart from the pinks are different tones - but I think I'll still be able to get away with it :) This set is also from Tesco, the bottoms were £5 and the top was £7

Shorts & Accessories
So my eye sight is AWFUL and I'd been trying to hold off getting a pair of sunglasses as really I needed a pair of prescription ones - which are pretty damn pricey! But as we're going away I had to get some, I 'd been searching round for ages and couldn't find any that I liked then I found these and surprisingly I liked them! They cost £12.50 - which is a lot for me - usually I pay about £6 for sunnies, but they were needed !These are Foster Grants ones you can get them from places like Sainsburys, Superdrug etc

The shorts I picked up from Primark for a bargain £5!!! I almost got another pair but they didn't have the colour I wanted when I went back sad times :(

I didn't have a nice little bag that I could take out in the evenings when all I really would need is a camera and money (not all my books and music and stuff like I do in the day whilst I'm chilling by the pool:P) then I saw this little baby in Tesco for just £5 so thought I had to ;) 


I forgot to take a picture of these (my bad) so I took the picture off the website. These are from tescos and cost £12.50 - I can't usually wear sandals like this as my feet are quite wide, but these are REALLY comfy! definitely recommend them!! 

Anyways I best be off now! Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll see you all in a week! 

Are you going away this summer? Where are you off to and where did you find your summer clothing bargains?!:) 

By the way I am Guest Posting on A Scottish Lass' blog on Saturday 27th July - so go check that out too when its up!:) 

Toodles ♥

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  1. Love both the dresses and the Sunnies

    Carrieanne x

  2. Thank you! A Guy mate of mine picked out the black and white one at first and I wasn't sure, but I came back a week later and tried it on and quite liked it. Who thought dragging a male shopping would be useful!:P xxx

  3. Love what you bought, great haul! :)


  4. Love your bright printed dress and skirt!i am loving all bright prints right now!:)

  5. Thanks hun! They were definitely good buys! They look really good with a tan too because of the bright colours!:) x