Monday, 8 July 2013

Shop Shop Shopping!! :)

Hey hey!

So today my plan was to go and treat myself and buy some pretty summer clothing as my clothes are a bit old! BUT, mother dearest said that I needed interview clothes - so byebye money - hello work clothes :(
I also needed a dress for a wedding too so atleast that's something a bit more fun :P So anyways... I thought I'd show you guys what  I bought!:)

This grey blazer was the first thing I decided I wanted to buy - It's a slight chiffon-like material and is a gorgeous fit! Looks really good with a baby pink colour, however I'm having difficulty putting it with anything else so I think this might be going back as I don't have the money to spend on stuff I can't wear :( even if it is really pretty :( Oh and this cost £11 :)

Next up is this pretty lil thanggg!! This is a 3/4 sleeved black blazer with a tailored fit, very flattering for the figure. I got this for £15, its a thicker material than the previous blazer but I shall be keeping this one as black  is a much easier colour to work with! Especially with formal/office wardrobe.

This dress I bought for the wedding and it is a babypink colour and again is a chiffon material, this costs £14. I'm uncertain about this dress, when I put it on I felt like it made me look a bit childish and I wasn't that comfortable in it, but looking at this picture I'm growing to like it.. I was going to take it back as I preferred the 2nd dress I got, but now I'm uncertain :P 

andddd... this is the 2nd dress, some of you may have seen it on Zoella's recent vlog - Primark Haul, I watched the video and thought ooh that would be perfect for the wedding! and when in Primark today I caught a glimpse of it then just had to have it! This cost £17, I've never worn anything with a collar like this before, but surprisingly I actually really like how it fits me! I was hoping it would be suitable for interviews also but the parents have said it's not long enough :( sad times! Definitely keeping this beauty though!:)

Finallyyyyy I bought myself a little treat as I've wanted a new purse for AGES but can never find one I like or bring myself to spend stupid money on a purse because then I won't have any money to put in the purse! but I picked this up for just £5, bargain!:)

Anyways I shall blog again soon!! Toodles ♥

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  1. I was wondering where i saw that dress then remembered it was from Zoella's primark haul. Sadly, I live in Dubai so no primark for me haha.

    Btw, i nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my latest post (: xx

    1. Ahh noo, that sucks :( an excuse to visit England?;)

      Thank you so much, means a lot! love getting to know other bloggers as I'm very new to this :) I've done it now!:) X

  2. Haha I visit quite a lot but sadly I'm stuck in the Dubai heat this summer :( Christmas time maybe! x