Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Hey Hey!

Sorry I've been very quiet over the past week or so! as you know last week I was away on holiday, then the day I got back my boyfriend also returned after 3-4 weeks of not seeing him so I've been pretty much glued to his side for the past 2 days!

I decided against trying sun-in Spray whilst I was away as it has hydrogen peroxide in it- which i'm pretty sure makes your hair green when mixed with chlorine - but I'm going to try it out now that I'm back!:)

Heres a picture of the view from near our room! was a bit of a hike going up and down the steps everyday but hey ho the rest of it was lovely! It was CRAZY hot though. Like usually its around 35-40 and I can bare it.. but it was 44 degrees C and hotter! my parents spent the whole time in the shade so I spent most of the time sitting by the pool on my own reading - I read 6 and a half books in one week!!!

If you like Romancey type books that aren't full of mush but a fair bit of drama - Lindsey Kelk is an AMAZING author. I think the first one of hers I read was a whilst ago and I think that was the Single Girls To - Do List, then I read the I heart series (I heart New York , I heart Paris etc) and finally I read another one called About A Girl. If you like one of her books you'll like them all as they all have similar plots just with different twists:)

If you'd like to see more pics then comment below! Are you going anywhere this summer???

Toodles ♥

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  1. Wow that view is beautiful! Would love to see more pics. :)

    Jen x

  2. It really is!! Especially in the evenings when the skies a mixture of blues, oranges and reds!! Will stick up a few more photos over the next week:) xxx

  3. Hey! I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog! :)