Monday, 10 June 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge - Day 10

Hey Hey!!

Today's snap is of my music stuff! Didn't realise I had quite so much stuff until I got i all out. I'm not actually that good at guitar but I like them and I cant bring myself to get rid of any of them!!

From Left to right in this picture I have

Microphone : sE2000 - around £80 but you need an audio interface box with it ( I use Cakewalk  UA-4FX )
Keyboard : Yamaha PSR E403 - I don't use this anymore since I got my electric piano but it was very good for learning and you can record on it too which is VERY useful when song writing!:) -
not sure if this is still available

Now the guitars
Electric - Westfield baby pink - I got this 2nd hand from the music school that I went to, I've never been able to play power chords or anything like that so I cant get a very good sound out of it! I'm sure a good guitarist could though :) 

Chantry - I bought this from a charity shop called Sue Ryders I'm not sure if its just a local one of its nationwide, but it only cost £50 and its not 2nd hand, the shop actually make and supply them themselves, very good for a starter guitar!! 

Tanglewood - this one is my baby!!! My FAVOURITE guitar, It has a hand painted design on it and my name written on it also!! It's a lovely sounding guitar, its an electric acoustic so good for gigging also and has a built in tuner which is always handy! I bought this from Ziva guitars - this is the make/shape of the guitar I got!Tanglewood Discovery Deluxe|c1crq but I got it in black and with the design "la fleur" which made it end up looking like!la Fleur|c1m2e 

Westfield - Another westfield guitar! I've not played this one really, I have it out on display though as it's pretty, I got this for my 18th birthday from one of my bestfriends at college. When he passed me the guitar case and said happy birthday I was like.. haha very funny you cant have seriously got me a guitar, and refused to open it thinking something was going to jump out at me, then when I saw it was infact a guitar, and pink it was clear that it was infact for me!! Talk about a good friend or what?!

'Herald' - This one is my slight guitar of shame lol! It was my first ever guitar, I must have got it when I was about 8, it is a nylon strung guitar (at first I thought that was all you could get then I didn't understand why mine sounded different and later realised it was because I didnt have a steel string) & I got this from Argos.... Sorry musicians! I didn't play it for a good few years though! then eventually I did, picked up the basics quick enough and then my collection grew!

Finally!!!! The electric piano - this is a Korg SP250 which costs around £600 and it is VERY good! I was given this for me to learn my piano grades on !:) 

The software which I use for recording is Sonar Le - and I have NO idea how to use it, if anyone knows how to use this software I would greatly appreciate some tips!!!

Anyway this has turned out to be quite a long blog post so time for me to shhh!!

Toodles ♥

If you want to know what this 30 Day Snap Challenge is click here to go to --> Sprinkle of Glitters <-- Page whom I am doing the challenge with along with many other bloggers:) 

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