Monday, 3 June 2013

Barry M Nail Varnish

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2 posts in one day, aren't you lucky ;) I've not really worn this nail varnish much as honestly I didn't know if it really went with any of my outfits, i'm a bit obsessed with nail varnish and I often try if possible to coordinate it with clothing lol,  not sure if that's a bit weird or if other people do it to, let me know if you do so I don't feel like a loner!! This varnish doesn't seem to have a name on it anywhere? The sticker says "Superdrug Xmas" which makes me think it could have been a Christmas limited edition ? If anyone knows please comment and tell me because I would be quite interested to know!

Anyway, I have A LOT of nail varnish, and I'm always wanting to add to my collection, so far Barry M is one of my two favourite brands that are in the highstreet range because they really are a bargain for the quality that they are, they apply great coverage, I tend to do two coats, and they last a decent amount of time. However as I'm often very busy doing this and that, my nails do tend to chip, so I'm trying a couple of techniques; applying a bass and top coat, and painting the tip of the nail is supposed to help aswell, at first i thought that sounded really silly, but i assume they mean the literal edge of the nail tip. Any other tips would be very welcome!!

I'd love to do lots of comparisons of Nail Varnish as time goes on,but right now I cannot afford to go out buying lots of pretty things :( sad times!!

Haven't got much more to say on it other than that! Are there any other nail varnishes you recommend? Sorry if this isn't very detailed, I've not done beauty blogging before but I'll gt better in time!:)

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