Sunday, 9 June 2013

Colourful Eye Makeup!


So when I was working at a photographic studio, I was being the model for my friend who was wanting to learn to do makeup professionally, and it ended up in me experimenting on my self everytime we were browsing at photos. I did this look to wear to a fancy dress party where I went as a doll.  (The middle image is the look I tried to create, and the outer 2 images on the left & right are my attempt - the eyeliner is a little messy sorry!) This look was using the Pretty In Pink eyeshadow palette from my previous eyeshadow post.

I wouldn't use this for everyday use as you can see it is very... vibrant! But for a fancy dress party or a themed photoshoot (e.g seaside,mermaid type thing) then it would work well :)

If anyone has any tips on how to not get the little dots of mascara on your eye lids that would be great. Because as you can see, I've had that issue a little bit here and the only way I can think to get around it is to keep my eyes closed until the mascara is dry,which obviously isn't very convenient!

More makeup looks to come! If there are any looks you want me to try & make a tutorial for, tweet them to me or message me the link on here!!

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