Wednesday, 19 June 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge Day 19


I'm discovering whilst doing this I have a very boring life! all I do is go to college, do assignments, see my boyfriend or watch tv -.- I apologise for how boring the june posts are being :P

Today I watched tv, had a driving lesson - got my test soon EEEEK!! watched more tv, then went out for dinner with my boyfriend and his best mate, I felt like a bit of a 3rd wheel and now have hardly any money because the food cost me £12 and as a student... I dont exactly have a lot of dollar. Now im here writing to you, before then continuing with ANOTHER assignment. snore.......

Today's pic is of Barry M 304 Mint Green nail varnish. I do quite like this nail varnish, however I feel it kind of needs to go with what you're wearing otherwise it looks a bit weird. One coat is NOT enough with this nail varnish, I wear 2 coats, but I think 3 would probably make it look its best but I tend to scuff my nails a lot and it takes much longer to try with 3 coats so.. yersh! I've had this nail varnish for probably a year now and it still has not gone gloopy? which I am amazed by! Yey Barry M!:)

Speak tomorrow
Toodles ♥

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