Friday, 28 June 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge - Day 27 - NYC Nail Polish

Hey Heyyyy!!!

Wooo only a few more days of college then I'm free and I can write to you all about something a little bit more interesting than assignments and stuffs!!!

Today's snap is of NYC nail varnish in 236 Greenwich Village. I really like this nail varnish, it is a very pretty pink, I would probably class it as a barbie pink, which is great for summer as it's nice and bright!:) The coverage is very good, I put two coats on, and it dries pretty quick too. One thing I love about this nail varnish is that it hasn't gotten all gloopy and messy! and I've had it for a good few months now, so when applying it i don't manage to get it all over my fingers, where as I usually would, so YEY !:)

But yes definitely would recommend this nail varnish as it's a bargain! only £2 or £3 I believe so if you've not tried it, it's not too pricey so if you don't like it then you haven't lost out on much! but I'm sure you will :)

Speak soon!:)

Toodles ♥

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