Friday, 14 June 2013

30 Day Snap Challenge - Day 13

Hey Hey

Today was a busy and hectic day! Got up at 7, got to college for 9 then was pretty much non stop from then onwards until 11pm when I got home!! All because.... today was our final gig!:( boooo

As much as I dislike my college course, I was very sad that I most likely will not get the chance to perform with my boys again!! They are all incredibly talented musicians!! (check out Rampant Horse - they're one of the bands from my class :) ) & in a few weeks college all together will be over and I'm barely going to see any of them, which I don't really like the idea of, because although they do my head in because I'm the only girl and end up mothering them and doing everything for them because they're too lazy to do it themselves, they're all like my brothers and have got me through so much over the past 2 years, there has been heartache, tears, laughs, the lot! Any emotion you name it!!

Anyway time for me to stop being soppy!! I have got video's of the gig & I will probably share them with you once I've got them in the correct format and such.

So today's picture is of me and my boys (and 2 of the tutors which have been there throughout our time there)

Toodles ♥

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