Monday, 3 August 2015

A-Z Guide to Happiness: A



So, today's letter is A, for this I am going to choose the word Animals!

I have a westhighland terrier called Poppy, she's getting a little old now bless her! When we first got her she was smaller than a football and sooo cute! She still is cute now, just not as diddy! :)

I also have a pet Degu, very adorable animal and funny to watch, although I'm still a little scared incase she bites me, she never has but the man at the pet store decided to tell me scary bite stories! Not what you should do when trying to sell an animal!

Anyyywaayyy, part of the reason why I have chosen Animals as my letter is because it is scientifically proven that the company of a dog for example, assists in improving depression and anxiety! 

Some of the reasons that they help improve depression and anxiety are the following:

- Dogs can sense when you are feeling low and upset, and they will respond to these emotions to try make you feel better.
- Dogs also are less likely to respond if you are giving commands in a stressful or frustrated manor, meaning that you must learn to control your emotions in order to speak to your dog calmly and assertively.
- If you have a dog, it will need walking - which means 1) you get out of the house instead of staying shut away all day and 2) You're exercising, which releases endorphins (the happy chemical that your brain makes) so it's a win win situation!
- Often if a dog is lying with their head in your lap, you will want to stroke them, they are calming animals and by doing this it is a soothing motion which can help when you are feeling anxious.
- If you have a little puppy bouncing around being a bit nutty and trying to play... are you going to say no to that? Are you going to be able to resist having a little giggle?? I highly doubt it!!! 
- It's a conversation starter if you aren't used to talking to people! You could bump into someone when walking your dog and you have something that you can actually talk about without having to rack your brain!
- Companionship, you're not going to feel alone when you have a pup by your side! They say a dog is a man's best friend.
- Having a pet gives you responsibility, I see it as almost like a purpose! This animal needs you, it needs you to get out of bed in the morning to feed it, walk it, give it water! It needs to be played with and loved! 

Although I have got a dog, she's not technically mine! I would absolutely love to have my very own puppy that I raise myself and build a bond with from day one! If I could get one I would like a King Charles Spaniel as these are very fun, gentle and loving dogs that are highly recommended for people that suffer from depression.

If you want to read a bit more about this, here are a couple of links!:

Do you have pet that helps you? Tell me about them and how they help!!

Much Love

LJ xo

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