Sunday, 9 August 2015

A-Z Guide to Happiness: E



So this one is a little difficult, my thing that makes me happy beginning with E is my niece! However, she is adopted and at the moment I can't post much information about her (including her name as its quite unique) as we need to ensure that she is safe and protected.

So for this blog post she is just going to be called E!

My sister is gay, and she has been with her partner for probably 7 years now! They're engaged and decided that they wanted to have a family. Obviously, they couldn't exactly go about starting the family a normal way, so they thought why bring in new life when there's already children out there that deserve to have the best chance at life, so they decided to adopt!

There process was actually very quick compared to most cases! but a few months ago they finally got their little girl! She has completely been welcomed into our family and we are all so in love with her. I spoil her at every chance I get! This included bringing her back an ibiza rocks baby grow as she LOVES music.

E is a very lucky little lady as due to the fact of going into fostercare very young, she hasn't got a gap like most adoptive children do because her foster family documented every little thing they did and what she achieved.

Since being with my sisters she's now started walking un-aided, she has some physical weaknesses which have made it more difficult for her to walk than other children. But she is doing SOO well!

Everytime I get low I just have to watch a video of her giggling away, she has the most infectious laugh in the world I swear!! The only down side is that they live 5 hours away from us :( whenever I have time off work I try to visit, and they do the same! But I would do anything for us to be closer together.

What 'E' makes you happy? :)

Much Love

LJ xo

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