Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A-Z Guide to Happiness: B



So for today's letter I choose BUBBLE BATHS!!!!!!!!!

I've had a couple of rough days so I thought a bubble bath was just what I needed!

I set up my bathroom, lit some lovely smelling candles - There's a place called notcutts near me and last xmas they sold this amaaazzingg vanilla candle that smells like cupcake dolls (a toy from when I was little, they were basically like barbies and when you turned their dress inside out they went into like a cupcake, but they were scented.. sounds strange i know but delightful for your nose lol! -  So anywayyy.. I used that candle, and then a few others.

I got a couple of pieces of Zoella's fizz bar and used that, I love the smell of it and watching it fizz, the only thing is I quite like having bubbles in my baths and fizzers don't have that effect, so I have to use a bubble bath too :P

I stuck my new Toshiba Chromebook (highly recommended) on the side and set up a playlist of Gabrielle Aplin on youtube for whilst I was relaxing in the bath. Gabrielle Aplin is my go-to music at the moment when I'm feeling stressed or on edge, I'm not sure why, something about her music and voice is incredibly soothing.

What would be your happy thing for the letter B?

Much Love

LJ xo

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