Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A-Z Guide to Happiness: G



Gabrielle Aplin, originating from youtube, later getting one of her songs as the track for one of the Christmas John Lewis adverts.. Gabrielle Aplin's album English Rain is AMAZING.

I have always loved Gabrielle since I first her singing with Harry and Alfie (Hudson Taylor) then my friend showed me a few more of her songs. I've recently discovered her album English Rain, and that noticed that this album really helps with my anxiety.

Here is a link to a playlist of the album if you want to listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b94dzKJfNIU&list=PLSVA3e8gd9-WZIGHBzgPgYKa3jb372VeC

My favourite tracks on this are
- Home
- Please don't say you love me
- Panic Chord
- Salvation
- I also love the song 'The Power of Love' but not sure if that's on this album!

What I do when I'm feeling anxious; If I'm at home then I will lay on my bed, light a lavender candle (Helps you to relax/sleep), turn off my light and just have on the bedside lamp instead, put the album on and relax, I've tried this a couple of times and it really helps!

I also recently went shopping whilst listening to the music in one earphone and I felt so much better! I wasn't worried about people talking to me or looking at me or anything like that, I felt shut off and un noticed - which is what I like when I'm shopping!:)

What makes you happy?

Much Love

LJ xo

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