Sunday, 23 August 2015

A-Z Guide to Happiness: N


Ok, might be a little sad me saying this but Netflix!

I absssoluteelyy love Netflix, It's perfect when you want to watch a random film but not sure what as there's a massive range and I guarantee you'll find something on there that you've not heard of before.

Also I've found many tv series that are now my favourite shows through netflix. One of which is House.

I had already watched House before, but re-watched all the series earlier in the year thanks to Netflix :) House is basically a show full of sarcasm, emotion and a hint of comedy, all about Dr Gregory House's diagnostics team trying to solve medical mysteries. Honestly I'd really recommend it!

My other favourite show is Castle. I know, my two favourite shows are called House and Castle, I sound like I have some sort of weird property obsession but neither of which are at all related to properties :P

Castle is about a murder mystery writer who has a copy cat killer, so he works with the NYPD Homicide team to help catch the killer, he then gets a bit of a thing for the lead detective Kate Beckett and pulls strings to stay on the team helping them solve crimes and get more research for his stories. Again it's a show that has mystery, comedy and sarcasm. The actors really bounce off eachother with their witty remarks, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :)

Another show I really liked is Orange Is The New Black, if you haven't watched this yet then you need to!!!!!! It's quite a rollercoaster of a show, my favourite characters change quite frequently which is rare usually I tend to favour one person throughout the series but nope! Each episode partially tells the story behind each of the main characters. It's dark, sexy but also is actually pretty funny considering it's about a bunch of female criminals in prison!!!

What makes you happy?

Much love

LJ xo

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