Thursday, 6 August 2015

A-Z Guide to Happiness: C



Today's letter is C, and for this I choose COOKING!

I absolutely love cooking, albeit a little bit stressful at times, but hey... the end result is yummy food so it's worth it!!

I think my favourite meal I have made so far is home made lasagne and potato wedges, for this I use the 'nosh for students' recipe book, which I highly recommend as it's full of easy recipes for quick meals, homey meals, comfort meals, fake aways! I absolutely love it.

I also recently attempted the triple chocolate cookies from Love Tanya (Tanya Burr's book) and they are the best cookies I've ever tasted!! The girls from work said it was like a bite of heaven :P I often bake little goodies to take in as I do really enjoy doing it! My friend Hannah tells me I should open a bakery one day but I don't think I'm quite that good!

If you want to take a look at something I've cooked and reviewed from the Nosh for Students cook book then take a look at my blog post below. Should I bring back Tasty Tuesdays?

I've just asked my mum what her favourite thing that begins with C is, her answer was Cadburys! Typical woman, a proper chocaholic!!
What be your Happy C?

Much Love

LJ xo

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