Thursday, 27 August 2015

A-Z Guide to Happiness: R


I love reading!

My favourite types of books are ones that have an element of mystery, maybe a bit of comedy sometimes, I quite like stories that are believable/true also.

Here are some of my favourite books:

- All of the Cathy Glass books! Cathy Glass is an author who is a foster carer, her books are all true and each about a child's story. A child that she has taken in temporarily, or long term, in order to try help them and their families. It is incredible what she does, and the things that these children have been through as well, but she never gives up on them and 90% of the time, she breaks through all the barriers and the child will open up and progress.

- Nothing left to Lose.. I LOVED this book. I was going to paste the blurb on here but is full of spoilers! It's basically a story about a young girl, tragedy, hierarchy, pain and love. I definitely definitely recommend it! On the Kindle it's only £1.94 - if you want to read a little more click on this link and you can see a bit about the book, but it does sort of give the story line away!

- The Body Finder - This is probably one of my more far fetched books that I've read, but I still love the series! If I remember right there are 4 books. It's basically about a young girl who is able to sense the echos of things that have been killed in an un natural way, she can also sense the imprint on the killer, this matches the echo. She finds animals that have been killed e.g a bird killed by a cat etc at first, then as she gets older she discovers other things, and eventually teams up with a group of other people with special talents to help solve crimes. Should totally read it if you want something that gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush as some bits are quite tense! It's an easy read too :)

I get very into my books if I'm honest, I can't help it. A couple of years ago on holiday I read 7 books in one week!!! I only took 3 with me, but luckily my dad had his kindle so i borrowed that for the week :) I do read very quickly, oops! I do sometimes maybe get a little toooo into my books lol, sometimes I actually have to try work out whether I actually did something or if that was a character in my book.. sad I know!! I just love it! :)

What books do you like?

Much Love


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